The Swinger 12K   Specifications
12,000 lbs. Single Line - 24,000 lbs. Double    
Swings Left - Right 25'... Each Direction    
  Mounting: Any 2 ton or larger truck with a minimum cab to axle dimension of 120".

Weights: Standard 2 ton truck, approx. 6500 lbs. 15ft. bed with Swinger and Boom, approx. 12,500 lbs..

Main Winch: Planetary, hydraulically driven with rating of 12,000 lbs. on smallest bare drum, 120 ft. of 5/16" cable line speed 100ft. per minute on bare drum.

Sandline Winch: Hydraulic motor driven, power-up, power down, up to 500 ft. of 5/16" cable. Line speed 300ft. at full layback. Rating of 1000 lbs. on bare spool. Automatic locking brakes.

Main Winch

Planetary Hydraulically

Driven Remote Control

Rear Jacks Hydraulic Push-Out

Boom Extends Hydraulic



  Positioner is Hydraulic

Mast: In working position, 39ft. from ground level in vertical position, 35ft. at full layback. Maximum mast layback allows for 11ft. from rear of truck. Hydraulic mast  extension.

Positioner: 16 degrees each direction from centerline. Total maximum swing at full layback, 10 ft.

Rear Outriggers: Extends 30' off bed with stroke of 36'. 5" OD - 2" rod.



Tool boxes: In 15ft. bed, 2 each 14" deep x 18" high x 93" long.

Bed: 15 ft. long x 96" wide. All Steel Construction.

Swinger 360   Swinger 45


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