The Swinger 45   Dimensions

The Swinger is designed with a new concept in mind for the pump installer. A unit that is unusually compact to allow available space on the truck for tanks, plastic rolled pipe, pumps, etc.

The mast is easily positioned with twin hydraulic cylinders and can be laid back 10 ft. 6 in. to work in an area up to 12 feet wide.

The hoist lines are driven with hydraulic motors and offer a selection of speeds to fit every job.

The power up, power down winch is of split spool type design and has line speeds ranging from 50ft. to 160ft. per minute. The sandline with a speed of approximately 300ft. per minute .   The swinger can be positioned on the bed of the truck at 45' radius which allows the unit to be used in an area up to 12 feet wide. Remote controls and the Swinger's ability to pivot allows one man to do many jobs.




Swinger 360   12K Swinger


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