Chrysler V-8 Industrial Gasoline Power Unit, 318 cubic inch 353 Detroit, 453 Detroit, 4 BT Cummins, 6 BT Cummins


90-450 (large image)

90-420 (large image)

120-42 (large image)

Heavy Duty Hoist

90 B-120AC, 70-B - Inclides Cast Steel Drums and Drive Gears, Interchangable contracting Friction Clutches and Brakes

Wire Rope & Swivel

Ball bearing swivel 8.5 tons working load - 3/4" 19 x 6 non-rotating cable; 145ft. with 24ft. triple kelly and 175ft. with 30ft. triple kelly.

Hydraulic Dumping Arm

Automatic Bucket Trip mechanism available as optional equipment.


NP 435 4-speed - 1 Reverse. AT545 Allison with Torque Converter.


Centrally located for view or work with ease of control and safety


Constructed from Structural Square Tubing with 16" Cast Steel Sheaves with Bearings. Raised and Lowered with hydraulic cylinders.

Drive Train

Heavy Duty Chains and Sprockets, Friction Clutches. Enclosed reduction gear boxes running in oil.

Ring Gear

Cast from 1040 Carbon Steel and includes Ball Bearing Race.

42-45-52 Diameters

Swing-out Riggers

Positioned manually. Hydraulic pushout type available as optional equipment.


Front Leveling Jack

Hydraulic Actuated - Single or Double.

Hydraulic Dumping Arm Elevation

Hydraulic Dumping Arm Push-out

Hydraulic Kelly Push-out

Kelly Variations

3 1/2" x 24ft. Triple Kelly (3 1/2"-5"-7")

3 1/2" x 30ft. Triple Kelly (3 1/2"-5"-7")

Consult factory for special drilling depth requirements.

3 1/2" x 35ft. Triple Kelly


Provides hydraulic down pressure for hard formations.

Diesel Power

GMC Diesel Power in lieu of gasoline engine. Cummins Diesel.



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